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Mobile wallets vs corporate gift cards

posted on June 6th 2017 in Business performance & Productivity with 0 Comments

corporate gift cards

It’s been roughly 26 years since the idea of gift cards materialised. Today, they are pretty much everywhere and have even made their way into corporate businesses, aptly labelled as “corporate gift cards”. As far as we can tell, the very first gift card appeared in the US. Neiman Marcus, a department store company, wanted to explore a simple idea: give customers the option to pay upfront for a card that could be gifted to someone who’d buy clothing, shoes, handbags or accessories at a later date. It didn’t quite stick for them back then and became a novelty item – something to be kept out of sight unless explicitly asked for by a customer.

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How to improve customer service levels using culture, education and processes

Featured image March 14

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any organisation. Yes, sales solve a lot of problems, but if you don’t treat your customers well after the sale is done, you’re likely to not have them for much longer. It’s fitting then that we explore how to improve customer service levels within your business.

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How analytics, employee engagement and training can help you hit your sales target this year

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We’re well into 2017. As a sales manager, the challenge of achieving your sales goal this year is a very real part of your everyday life. While there’s a long list of things that you can do to ensure that you’ll hit your sales target, we’ve come up with ideas for three areas you can focus on to turn your sales team into a stronger, more effective machine.

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9 things to get right before launching your next employee incentive program

incentive program

Looking to launch an employee incentive program? Not sure where to start? Employee incentive programs, like any business endeavor, require planning and timely execution. But coming to grips with how to plan a successful incentive program can quickly become overwhelming.

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3 call center best practices to help you drive consistent performance

posted on February 9th 2017 in Best Practices & Call Centre & Productivity with 3790 Comments

Call Center Best Practices

Call center best practices are the glue that makes achieving organisational goals every year feel more tangible. Yes, key performance indicators are useful and help ensure daily operational benchmarks are achieved, but without a set of strong best practices, your operation is likely to start splitting at the seams.

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