3 Customer loyalty program musts to drive participation

posted on March 7th 2017 in Best Practices & Customer loyalty programs with 4 Comments


Customer loyalty programs are often challenging to create. There’s the picking of rewards, the marketing ideas and then the rollout and administration process. But if you’re like us, and you’ve realised that there something wrong with the sequence mentioned above, then you’re likely looking for a simple but effective way to build your program and make it a successful one.

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How analytics, employee engagement and training can help you hit your sales target this year

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We’re well into 2017. As a sales manager, the challenge of achieving your sales goal this year is a very real part of your everyday life. While there’s a long list of things that you can do to ensure that you’ll hit your sales target, we’ve come up with ideas for three areas you can focus on to turn your sales team into a stronger, more effective machine.

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9 things to get right before launching your next employee incentive program

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Looking to launch an employee incentive program? Not sure where to start? Employee incentive programs, like any business endeavor, require planning and timely execution. But coming to grips with how to plan a successful incentive program can quickly become overwhelming.

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6 Employee engagement ideas to grow your bottom line

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Do you staff seem disinterested in the job? Haven’t really heard anyone laugh wholeheartedly or seen any genuine smiles around the office in a long time? It could be because your team suffers from low employee engagement. It’s pretty common. In the US, almost 60% of employees feel that they are not engaged at work.

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