Mobile payment systems and more: Our most read blog posts of 2017


Earlier this year, we began producing blog posts on a regular basis. We looked at the mobile payment systems space and decided that we had something to add to it.

When we started out, we set some very clear goals, the most important being that we wanted to help local businesses and professionals better understand the mobile payments space, and how versatile the tech is.

As we look back, we’re not surprised by the results.

Mobile payment systems and more

Our content is as diverse as we imagined it would be.

We’ve explored ideas on how to create the best consumer and employee rewards programmes, what the pillars of mobile payments systems are, how to drive staff engagement, how to be a better leader, why and where mobile tech is a better solution than older ways of driving human behaviour in consumer and staff incentive programmes, and more recently, where we’re taking mobile wallet tech.

As we close off 2017, we decided to share some of our most read content.

If you’ve missed any of these pieces, here’s your opportunity to catch up on what our audience loved reading most this year.

1. 3 call center best practices to help you drive consistent performance

Call center best practices are the glue that makes achieving organizational goals every year feel more tangible.

Yes, key performance indicators are useful and help ensure daily operational benchmarks are achieved, but without a set of strong best practices, your operation is likely to start splitting at the seams… read more.

2. Credit card fraud: How to beat card skimmers

Credit card fraud is a serious problem for South Africans. According to Sabric, in 2016 the South African banking industry experienced a devastating loss of R374.4 million in credit card fraud alone, up by 13% since 2015… read more.

3. How to improve customer service levels using culture, education and processes

Good customer service is the lifeblood of any organisation. Yes, sales solve a lot of problems, but if you don’t treat your customers well after the sale is done, you’re likely to not have them for much longer. It’s fitting then that we explore how to improve customer service levels within your business… read more.

4. 6 Employee engagement ideas to grow your bottom line

Do you staff seem disinterested in the job? Haven’t really heard anyone laugh wholeheartedly or seen any genuine smiles around the office in a long time? It could be because your team suffers from low employee engagement. It’s pretty common. In the US, almost 60% of employees feel that they are not engaged at work… read more.

5. 9 things to get right before launching your next employee incentive program

Looking to launch an employee incentive program?

Not sure where to start?

Employee incentive programs, like any business endeavor, require planning and timely execution. But coming to grips with how to plan a successful incentive program can quickly become overwhelming… read more.

6. Mobile money: A look at the technology behind TuYu transactions

Mobile money technology is not nearly as difficult to understand as most people think it is.

Yes, there is a fair amount of programming and hardware that need to come together to make each mobile money transaction happen, however, having a clear understanding of how a mobile money transaction takes place is possible.

7. Digital wallet technology: 4 benefits savvy retailers can leverage

Digital wallet technology wasn’t always as attractive as it is today.

In fact, there was a time where the notion of paying with a digital wallet was so unfamiliar that just under half of online consumers did not know what they were… read more.

8. Understanding open-loop payment systems

There’s very little that you can’t do with a credit or debit card.

On one Saturday you could shop up a storm in your local shopping mall, pay for parking, fill up your fuel tank, and grab dinner at your favourite Italian restaurant – all before picking up tickets to catch the latest blockbuster on the silver screen.

Swiping your card is just a part of what happens in everyday life… read more.

9. Consumer incentives: How mobile money could drive early debt repayment

Consumer incentives are meant to produce tangible results.

Results can range from a decrease in customer attrition or an increase in sales of a new product, to the repayment of a percentage of consumer debt.

Whatever the reason for the incentive programme, positive results are the goal… read more.

10. Mobile wallets vs corporate gift cards

It’s been roughly 26 years since the idea of gift cards materialised.

Today, they are pretty much everywhere and have even made their way into corporate businesses, aptly labelled as “corporate gift cards”.

As far as we can tell, the very first gift card appeared in the US.

Neiman Marcus, a department store company, wanted to explore a simple idea: give customers the option to pay upfront for a card that could be gifted to someone who’d buy clothing, shoes, handbags or accessories later.

It didn’t quite stick for them back then and became a novelty item – something to be kept out of sight unless explicitly asked for by a customer… read more.

11. Closed-loop mobile payments and the benefits for retailers

The battle for more accurate, usable data on consumer spending is growing every day.

Retailers are looking for new ways to learn about consumer buying habits, buying behaviours, and demographical information which helps them devise smarter ways to engage consumers and influence buying behaviour.

This is where we believe the mobile payment systems play could give retailers a leg-up… read more.

12. 10 Inspiring business quotes every manager can apply on the job

It can be really lonely at the top. It’s often a place that very few can relate to.

There’s always a challenge around the corner, and while there are moments to celebrate, the tough ones tend to leave the worst kinds of scars.

But every business leader needs to be and stay motivated. So whether you’re facing a marketing challenge, a team morale issue, or just feel stagnant, we’ve gathered 10 inspiring business quotes for you to make your own… read more.

13. Employee Recognition: 9 Frequently asked questions answered

Employee recognition is necessary for driving organisational performance.

It not only recognises employees for their accomplishments but also elevates employee motivation, job fulfilment, employee self‐esteem and other positive outcomes… read more.

14. 8 mobile trends to watch

If you haven’t been paying attention to mobile trends, you should.

A lot has happened in the mobile space.

In 2016, almost 70% of South Africans browsed the web on their mobile phone, this figure up by 15% since 2016. Among that 70%, there were more Samsung mobile phone users than Apple iPhone users, and around 43% of South Africans were interested in mobile advertisements that were relevant to them… read more.

15. Consumer rewards programs: The three critical desires you must appeal to

Consumer rewards programs are sometimes viewed as useless in the face of strong competition.

Tight margins and high operating costs make finding worthwhile consumer offers a real challenge for businesses. At least, that’s what some people think.

However, in a paper by Marcel Corstjens and Rajiv Lal, they concluded that even low-margin retailers can create consumer rewards programs that strengthen their brands and create real profit growth… read more.

That’s our list of the most read blog posts. We hope you enjoy reading them as much as the rest of our audience did.


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